Udeep and Shristi’s story began in Nepal. Udeep was born in a town called Lalitpur while Shristi was born in Kathmandu. Their families knew each other and thought it was a good idea to bring the two together. It was just an arranged meeting as both went their separate ways to further their studies. Udeep went to Germany to study medicine and is fluent in five languages. Shristi moved to New York to pursue an accounting career. She lights up when we start speaking about forensic accounting.

“We kept in touch but I didn’t think it was going to work.” Udeep said.

“But look at us now, we’re getting married!” A shy but smiling Shristi said as she looked at Udeep.

As a photographer, I noticed that different cultures wear their wedding ring on different hands. I was curious to know about the Nepalese custom.

Shristi shrugged and said “I don’t know. In America, it’s the left hand.”

“In Germany…” They both began. Smiling at each other, Udeep continued.

“In Germany, they wear the wedding band on the right hand. I’m Googling it now.”

They signed the marriage license and Udeep went off to make a phone call. He came back with all smiles.

“I just called my parents. The woman wears the ring on her left hand and the man wears the ring on the right hand. It’s like a pair of gloves.” He said smiling.

They were called into the chapel and the rings were exchanged according to the Nepalese culture.

It was fun to spend some time with this young couple. They travel to Nepal for the traditional wedding and then to Germany to start their future together. Here are some images of the union of Udeep and Shristi.


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