9 Fun Ways To Beat The Heat At Your Summer Wedding

Summer is a wonderful time to commit to your partner and celebrate your love with family and friends. A wedding day during the summer months has a downside though: you’ll likely face hot, sticky weather. You can escape inside to air conditioning or you can embrace the outdoors and find ways to deal with the heat. Don’t let unpleasant weather stop you from having the wedding of your dreams; with a little planning, you can have a beautiful, comfortable summer wedding. Get started by checking out these fun ways to beat the heat.

1. Ice Cream Stand

Summertime and ice cream are an ideal combination, so get in the spirit by having an ice cream stand at the reception. Your wedding guests will love enjoying a delicious treat that helps them stay cool. Get creative with this fun treat. You can set up a cute ice cream cart, schedule an ice cream truck, or go for an ice cream bar with a variety of flavors and toppings.


2. Ice Coffee Bar

Chill down the beverage options with an iced coffee bar. Give the coffee bar a special twist by including coffee ice cubes so that the melting cubes don’t water down the beverages. Use ice cube trays to freeze coffee for this easy trick.


3. Pretty Parasols

Give guests a way to shade themselves from the hot sun by supplying pretty parasols. Choose ones that fit with the theme and colors of the day, then add a cute tag to personalize the parasols.


4. Wedding Program Fans

Make the wedding programs do double duty by keeping guests in the know and cool at the same time. Attach the programs to a wooden stick to create small fans. You can do the same thing with escort cards for the reception if you like.


5. Cold Beverage Station

Helping guests stay hydrated is a must for summer weddings. Set up a beverage station with plenty of water and other cool beverages, such as lemonade, iced tea, or flavored water. For a more casual approach, fill coolers or barrels with ice and cold beverages.


6. Potted Plants

Flower bouquets tend to wilt quickly in the heat of summer, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on flowers. Potted flowers and plants are a great alternative to bouquets. They make gorgeous centerpieces and decorations without drooping in the heat. If you need bouquets, ask your florist about which flowers hold up well in hot weather.


7. Passed Frozen Treats

Skip the passed appetizers, and treat guests to something refreshing instead. Popsicles, fruit bars, and other frozen treats are a great way to kick off a summer reception.


8. Additional Shade

Scope out your wedding venue to make sure there is adequate shade at the time of your wedding and reception. If the shade is less than ideal, use tents, sails, umbrellas, or other structures to provide additional shade.


9. Ceremony Timing

Long summer evenings are ideal for enjoying a summer wedding. Set the ceremony time for about an hour and a half before the sun sets to take advantage of cooler evening temperatures. As an added bonus, you’ll have some amazing light for pictures just before sunset.

Make your summer wedding fun and memorable. Beat the heat with these fun ways so you and your guests can stay cool and enjoy every moment of the special day.

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