Off-The-Beaten-Path Destination Weddings for Every Couple

Destination weddings are great. People get to travel and your wedding turns into a truly big event. If you’re considering a destination wedding, you may be trying to narrow down your ideal spot. Of course, there are the more common locations like Hawaii and Bermuda, which are popular for a reason. But if you’re a more off-the-beaten-path type of person, then you may be looking for something a little bit different. So here is a list of wonderful, exotic, and unique wedding destinations for you to choose from.

1. Chiang Rai, Thailand:

You probably don’t know too many people who have had their wedding in Thailand. While it has served as a popular destination for adventurous travelers for years, very few people consider it wedding material. But they should. The settings are absolutely stunning.

2. Vail, Colorado:

If tropical isn’t your thing, why not take your wedding to the opposite side of the spectrum? Vail is a popular ski destination, but it is beautiful in both the summer and the winter. A gorgeous mountain backdrop is the perfect complement to any nuptial ceremony.

3. Roatan, Honduras:

Honduras has been considered a no-go for travel for a while now due to its somewhat dangerous reputation. Safety conditions are increasing, but even if you are worried about the danger level, you don’t need to be in Roatan. It’s an island and is exempt from much of the chaos of the mainland.

4. The border of Kenya and Tanzania:

This one is for the really adventurous. Why not celebrate your wedding with a safari? Africa is not the most popular wedding destination, but this particular spot is pretty incredible. While it is more difficult to get to than many other wedding destinations, your guests will be enticed but what is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

5. Iceland:

While overlooked for weddings, Iceland is probably one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Your wedding photos will be absolutely stunning.

6. The Serai in Jaisalmer, India:

What is the Serai? It’s a luxury caravan camp. It’s an absolutely beautiful site that allows you to take your guests on camel safaris during the day, and to eat by the brilliance of lamplight at night. This isn’t your typical “camp” though – you will feel like royalty.

7. Heidelberg Castle, Germany:

If you’ve always dreamed of that fairytale wedding, this could be the place! It was built in 1214, but it still has a functioning chapel.

8. Bahia Vik, Uruguay:

While parts of Central America (namely Mexico) are often considered ideal travel destinations, South America is typically overlooked. But Bahia Vik provides couples with an ideal wedding environment: Beautiful nature, good wine, and beachfront scenery.

This list just might provide you with the inspiration you need to make your dream destination wedding a reality!

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