The Ultimate Experience with your New York Wedding Photographer

Most of us aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. But my specialty is making you, your spouse, and your family look like you’ve been doing this forever. We’ll capture memories of your special day without the photos feeling or looking staged – just beautiful memories perfectly captured in time.

It’s personal – for you and me

For me, capturing the beauty of a wedding is a personal experience. That is why my process always starts with getting to know my clients, your names, likes and dislikes, your friends and family dynamics. This helps me to understand who you are as a couple so I can personalize the day to you.

This will allow me to work with you from the start to plan a day that’s uniquely yours. So, yes, tick off wedding photographer on your checklist. But know that you are getting so much more than some staged photographs.

More than just photos, it’s an experience

Weddings are never stress-free, but guess what? I’ll help you reduce that stress by being your knowledgeable partner and friend who will guide you through planning your big day.

Not only are you getting my years of experience as a professional wedding photographer. But I’m also offering the ins-and-outs of managing your wedding day. I know the do’s and don’ts to make your day a success. How to budget for and get the permits necessary for hosting a modern wedding of your dreams.

I’ll show you how not to worry about classic wedding poses looking good because you’re not a “natural”. Instead, your modern wedding will be a fun-filled day spectacularly captured in all its glory.

Always accessible, ever engaging

From the start of our journey together – the first inquiry, the consultation, the questionnaire – to your wedding day and beyond, I’ll be in direct contact with you.

I don’t want to call it over-communication because that can seem like an overwhelming amount of information. Instead, it’s more of being there for you to ensure all your questions are answered before the day(s) and during the wedding. It keeps us prepared and you settled knowing that all the details – even those tiny things that could pop up on the day – are taken care of.

Let’s tell your story

Your story will never be the same as another couple. That’s why good wedding photography is about capturing the authenticity of you as a couple and family. I’ll make sure that the way your day is captured represents who you are. You’ll laugh more, have naturally candid shots.

Plus, most couples engage me for the full journey – engagement, wedding day/weekend, day-after, and anniversary shoots. So, we are writing your life story in pictures, one chapter (shoot) at a time.

You will be revisiting these memories for decades to come. Let’s make sure they’re the stories you want to tell. Send us a message or book a free consultation online.